Improve the experience and simplify choices for people who know the Hollywood Casino brand and want to play casino games online.
The journey from the Hollywood Casino site to the Play4Fun portal site was a little confusing with an excess of buttons all leading to the same endpoint. My proposal was to allow the marketing team to surface promotions along side the content, by doing away with the tired carousel of oversized images that often were unreadable as they scaled in different browser sizes. 

Page 1.png

The modular tile format could work well on desktop and mobile at a smaller size, it could reorder itself to introduce new promotions
and new games to play without covering the screened creating friction with pop-ups and modals.


As shown below in search results for classic slots, we could show the rich game content without jumping around on the site.
All of tis would help an older audience to find what they wanted without having to keep a mental map of where they went.


The original site map looked fairly simple but was implemented in a confusing way with
meaningless button placement and redundant links that over complicated a simple user journey.