The goal was to make the VIP level worthwhile and it’s benefits clear to any user. We also wanted to lower the bar to entry to get more players into VIP tiers while keeping the whole experience on a timer. Any credit purchase qualifies you for a VIP tier but different purchases get you better daily bonuses and also last longer in the game. All VIP tiers unlock the exclusive games but even that only lasts so long.


Add excitement to the core VIP experience and make it an experience that matters beyond bragging rights.



A lot of what we had in BIG BONUS was legacy and not something that was working well for our players. VIP tiers were essentially meaningless and no clear benefit was evident at the credit purchase level or at the gameplay experience. Players would return for the daily bonus but being a VIP made no clear difference because the benefits were poorly explained and confusing.


After the UX flow was worked out with the game engineers and product designers I started in on the visual design of this new feature. The game UI was in the process of a gradual update and my objective was to work the other game artists to create something within the visual style.

iphone x_BBS_VIP mock_1.png